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Group Travel

From birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and reunions to friends just getting together to celebrate life we have built a team of group travel experts to help you put together the most incredible experiences possible.

Discover the ultimate level of savings and let us get you get the best price, strongest amenities and make the entire process as easy as possible. Booking group travel could not be any easier then when you book it through us and building a group can be as easy as telling your friends and family on Facebook that you are going on a trip and they can go to... at your members only price!

Do I qualify as a group? A group starts with as little as 5 unique reservations for hotel rooms and as few as 8 cabins onboard a cruise ship.

What do groups get? It varies. At the base level we will work with our partner to negotiate the lowest possible rate for you. If you are booking a cruise group then you may qualify for a Credit from the cruise line that allows the 8th person booked to cruise for free! You can use that credit anyway you want. You can apply it to your cabin and cruise for free or, split the monies between your group to lower the overall cost of each person's cabin. Many people use the funds to purchase shore excursion and group dinners.

Extra group cruising benefits for RCI® Members:
As an RCI® member, you can share your members-only rates and book up to 8 cabins with just one exchange and a single exchange fee. Plus, RCI® Gold members can book an unlimited number of cabins with just one exchange! Either way, we will find the value that works best for you as an RCI® subscribing member. Click here to learn more about your RCI® Cruise benefits.

Call and ask for our Groups Department: 1-602-824-5994
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